Human Resources is the third part of what I’m calling “The Transplant Tetralogy.” It started with The Organ Grinders, continued with Heart Seizure, and now this… Human Resources. The fourth and final book in the series is A Perfect Harvest (coming in August of 2021). The dramatic possibilities presented by our ability to transplant organs is the gift that just keeps on giving. So much so that I’m working on a play that revolves around another one of the possibilities.

Here’s the flap copy for Human Resources: Jake Trapper isn’t your average organ acquisition specialist. He’s the best in L.A. But Jake has a soft spot for underdogs and his current case is a young girl from a broken home. She needs a kidney. So Jake makes a deal with a broker and gets seduced into the kidney business. When a potential organ donor is killed, Jake meets LAPD Homicide Detective Megan Densmore who enlists Jake to help with the investigation. Enter Special Agent Fuller, a Fed looking into the black market angle. He’s an oddball with an architecture fetish and an endless supply of strange tales to tell. As more bodies surface, Special Agent Fuller turns a suspicious eye toward Jake and the noose tightens, threatening to reveal Jake’s dirty little secret. Human Resources is a darkly comic thriller with heart, and lungs, and kidneys…and a botched monkey kidnapping.

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