The blues are alive and well. And Zac Harmon is proof positive!

A funny thing happened on the way to trying to find a phone number I’d lost. Lewis Napper had given me permission to cite a piece of his work in my novel, “Heart Seizure” and I was going to call him about something. But I couldn’t find his number. I did a Google search for his wife’s name (she and I had gone to school together back in Jackson) and ended up on the message board for a guy named Zac Harmon who, it turns out, is a musician. Then I saw the names of several other old school mates on the board and I was intrigued. Zac’s name seemed familiar but I couldn’t place it. But based on comments left on the message board I thought he might have gone to St. Joe (class of ’75). Coincidentally, in the mail that day I received a copy of St. Joe’s alumni directory. Sure enough. Zac was a year ahead of me at St. Joe.

So I looked at Zac’s performance calendar. Turned out he was playing at a club (Cozy’s) in Sherman Oaks. So we went. He and his band blew us away. In addition to a good set of standards (One Way Out; Got My Mojo Working; John the Revelator) he did a Hendrix set (Machine Gun, Them Changes, Little Wing) that was astounding. If Zac gets within driving distance of where you live, get on out and see him! You’ll be glad you did.

His website is: .

Tell him I sent you.

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