I think the picture says it all.  But still, there’s more.  Some time ago, Greg Bardsley asked me to write a short piece about the guy who famously said, “Except for the occasional heart attack, I’ve never felt better.”  I asked about the rules, the parameters, the limitations and here’s what he told me:  “No rules, no quarter.
Make him a hero.  Make him a perp.  Make him a throwaway reference.  Whatever fired the writer’s imagination…all amalgamated into an anthology unequaled and inspired by the most vexing juggernaut of  modern American politics — Dick Cheney.  Tearing out of wilderness comes D*CKED, a satirical Deathmobile – dark, sleek, and muscled-out.  Get ready to laugh and run for cover. You’re about to get D*CKED.” 

To paraphrase the old Johnny Rivers lyric, “…remember, you gotta Dick Chaney before he does you…”  (Of course it was Nixon when Johnny wrote it, but the more they change the more they get worse…)

Look for it at finer bookstores (both brick-and-mortar and virtual).  http://dicked.wordpress.com/ 

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