“…a comic novel propelled by a wild plot…”

People Magazine

“A rip-roaring farce of a thriller.”

The Mirror (London)

“Suspend your disbelief and jump into this twin-switch tale with both feet… Light, quirky, and occasionally irreverent, this is a totally entertaining urban myth.”

Good Housekeeping (UK)

“A deft, funny, caper novel, incorporating…gleefully savage attacks on the Church, the advertising industry and the charity industry…While often compared to Carl Hiassen, Fitzhugh is fast creating his own dark and funny category… Not content to harpoon his satirical targets, Fitzhugh levels them with assault weapons, then jumps up and down on their heads… Smart fast, and funny, Fitzhugh is a dangerous man.”

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“There is little that is funny about the society Bill Fitzhugh describes in his riotously funny novel, Cross Dressing. His is a Los Angeles that might long for the relative sanity of The Day of the Locust… Fitzhugh seems to have been born with a gift of laughter along with a sense that the world is mad. It is not clear that he is fully aware just how mad…the world he has created seems to the reader. It is clear, though, that with his third novel Fitzhugh tightens his grip on a reputation for absurdist black comedy. He sees the world through a glass, darkly, combining the savagery of Tom Sharpe with the light-heartedness of Donald E. Westlake — a neat trick, but then, neither of them owns a pair of rose-colored glasses, either.”


“. . .an interesting equation of the advertising business and organized religion. . .Fitzhugh ably proves his comic wit on the printed page. . .”

Publisher’s Weekly

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