See Bill blog…

Okay, it’s time to see how this whole blog thing works.  The current plan is to see if this actually ends up on my website with a photo uploaded and then head out to see True Grit.  Wish us luck…

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  1. Theresa West says:

    Dear Bill,
    I’ve heard your Sirius XM radio show a few times and enjoyed it a lot. Especially one that used music from the first Jefferson Starship album (before they went “commerical” and the Jeff. Airplane were still alive). Anyway, I was browsing through the books in a thrift store a couple of weeks ago and I found your book, Radio Activity. The cover caught my attention and when I saw the name I thought – could it be the SAME Bill Fitzhugh? and yes, it could. I was surprised to find out you are an author too! I really enjoyed Radio ACtivity and now I find that Rick Shannon continues his adventures in Highway 61 Resurfaced so I will go out and find that one in a real bookstore (or online). Are there any other Rick Shannon novels out there or on their way? I sure hope so.

    • bill says:

      Hey — glad you enjoy the radio show! Only reason I got the show was that the former program director of Deep Tracks (the late, great George Taylor Morris) read Radio Activity and figured I knew what I was talking about… BTW, the ‘tape’ in Radio Activity is a word-for-word transcript of a tape I made (illegally, as it turned out) many years ago at a station in MS… only the names were changed to protect the guilty and to protect me from arrest. Highway 61 picks up where Radio Activity left off but unfortunately that turned out to be the last of the Rick Shannon series. But there’s a lot more of the radio show… 129 episodes so far and more in production. Thanks for writing. Best regards, Bill Fitzhugh

  2. Alain says:

    Sure he writes! Unbelievably entertaining stuff. I keep checking this site for a new one – been a while. Also check the site when I want to see that artist that does the book covers. Don’t see him so I will use the search. Guess blogging is not the answer to interacting with other BFF’s. Well, bet they don’t have a personally autographed book from you like I do! You a funny man, Bill!

    • bill says:

      Alain, the blog thing seems redundant while constantly making comments on Facebook, but thanks for dropping by here to say nice things. Glad I had a new one for you this time!

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