Segment 76

I believe it was St. Matthew, chapter 7, verse 7 who said, “Ask and it shall be given to you.” Now I never thought that would apply here in the Way Back Studios, but today’s batch of All Hand Mixed Vinyl just goes to show you never know. See, not long ago I asked everyone with a favorite old segue or with an idea for a new one to drop me line. Much to my surprise, I heard from Rick, Steven, Kimberly, Jeff, Frank, Beth, and Michael, all scattered around the Sirius-XM Nation, from Oregon, Michigan, Georgia, and places that went unnamed. Between cranking out the tax returns, Scott in Cleveland has LOTS of good ideas, mostly involving at least one record I don’t have in my spotty little record collection, but I’m working on it, so keep those ideas and tax returns coming.

Fortunately I had the albums necessary for two other ideas that came in, though I bet the first one’s not done the way its author intended. In his email Michael said, “there’s a dialogue portion in Wing’s ‘Rock Show’ about halfway through that I’m almost certain would segue with the dialogue part of “Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Well, I tried it and couldn’t make it work, maybe I was doing it wrong. But I found another way to mix the two songs that works just fine so that’s what we’ll hear. After that, we’ve got a nice mix idea from our buddy Kim at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She said she was wading through the Deep Tracks one day when she heard Leon Russell’s “Prince of Peace” and that made her think of Traffic’s “Medicated Goo.” She thought the two might make for a nice segue and sure enough, it’s a beauty. I put Kim’s and Michael’s mixes together but still came up a little short on time so I went fishing for something to fit at one end or the other and again much to my surprise, ended up with three guys with acoustic guitars, starting with the great, Michael Gulezian. From Unspoken Intentions, here’s “20 Park Avenue.”

Michael Gulezian 20 Park Avenue
Taj Mahal Country Blues Number 1
Paul Simon Armistice Day
Wings Venus and Mars
Wings Rock Show (part 1)
Rocky Horror Time Warp
Wings Rock Show (part 2)
Traffic Medicated Goo (part 1)
Leon Russell Prince of Peace
Traffic Medicated Goo (part 2)

There’s the Prince of Peace along with Pretty Polly Possum, Freaky Freddy Frolic, Aunty Franny Pricket and Uncle Lou, all helping themselves to a little bit of Traffic’s “Medicated Goo.” That’s a mix suggested by Kim down in Georgia. Before that my interpretation of an idea that came from an All Hand Mixed challenge sent by Michael who might be in Connecticut or may be down in Florida not far from Kim, he didn’t say. He did say he thought there might be a good segue involving Wings and Riff Raff, the character played by the mastermind behind the Rocky Horror Picture show, Richard O’Brien.

We heard the title track to “Venus and Mars” which segues on its own into “Rock Show” which has that false ending which is where we slipped into the “Time Warp” before returning to Wings for the exciting reprise. So a big Way Back Studio thanks to Kim and Michael for their contributions to today’s set which opened with that great acoustic guitar instrumental, “20 Park Avenue” by Michael Gulezian. After that, Henry St. Clair Fredericks, aka, Taj Mahal doing “Country Blues #1 .” We followed that with Paul Simon, grousing about his congressman in “Armistice Day.” Which really isn’t about the anniversary of the end of World War One so much as it’s about Paul being tired of waiting on his duly elected representative to show up and do something.

I’ve waited such a long time, I’ve about waited all I can here in the Way Back Studios which is another way of saying that, my friends, is all we have time for today. But tomorrow, let’s say you’re looking for the set lists and show commentaries, well, you can find ‘em posted on along with some scandalous photos, the unsanitized biography, and various notions and sundries. I’m Bill Fitzhugh, thanks for listening. I’ll be back some day with another batch of All Hand Mixed Vinyl and I hope you’ll join us, right here in the Deep Tracks.

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