Segment 16

There are only two ways to serve rock and roll. Carefully cooked up and crafted in the comfort and convenience of a studio, with multiple takes, overdubs and edits, and all the other tricks and gimmicks that guarantee perfection and deliver a recording unblemished by error, untouched by improvisation, and uncorrupted by the vagaries of real life. The other way is unrestrained and uninhibited, uncorked and undeniable. Working without a net, all the jambs kicked out, live on stage in front of a teeming mass of screaming fanatics.

Now it’s true that a lot of great rock and roll has been created in the studio, but it doesn’t come to life until it hits the stage. And today’s batch of All Hand Mixed Vinyl is nothing if not live. We’ve got Bruce and Southside Johnny, Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, all the Mad Dogs and Englishmen plus Elvin, Edgar, and the Allmans. And while we usually save segues for the studio sets, we located some live ones for your listening pleasure. The lights are going down so get ready for another live Hand Mixed Concert from the stages of the Way Back Studios…

Bruce Springsteen Trapped
Southside Johnny Trapped Again
Elvin Bishop Rock My Soul
Edgar Winter Turn on Your Lovelight (part 1)
Joe Cocker Intro/Honkey Tonk Women
Edgar Winter Turn on Your Lovelight (part 2)
Allman Bros. Done Somebody Wrong
Edgar Winter Turn on Your Lovelight (part 3)

That’s Edgar Winter covering a song covered by a LOT of artists, from James Cotton to The Grateful Dead, but most famously by Bobby Blue Bland. “Turn on Your Love Light.” As it turned out, quite by accident, that set was mostly covers. We had The Allman Brothers covering the Elmore James classic “Done Somebody Wrong”; The Mad Dogs and Englishmen covered the Glimmer Twins song about that gin soaked barroom queen in Memphis, Southside Johnny covered Springsteen’s “Trapped Again” and, at the very top of the set, Bruce gave us a cover of “Trapped” by Jimmy Cliff, which we took from the album, We Are the World.

In fact the only guy in that entire set with the modesty to cover himself was Elvin Bishop who gave us a lively take on “Rock My Soul.” Well the concert ran a little long so we’re running a little short on time. Thanks for listening. By the way, if you’re looking for the set lists to any of the shows, drop by my website and poke around until you find them. All you need to do is give me Google and I’ll think you’ll find what you need. I’m Bill Fitzhugh and I’ll be back with another batch of All Hand Mixed Vinyl before you know it, satellite delivered from the Way Back Studios to the Deep Tracks.

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