Pest Control The Musical

Pest Control The Musical

Inspired by / based on PEST CONTROL (the novel) is the story of New York City exterminator, Bob Dillan, who is misidentified by not only the underworld but also by the CIA as being a notorious and elusive professional assassin. Mistaken for a “hit man,” he is hired to kill the most dangerous man in the world. If Bob fails in this mission, he stands not only to lose the girl he loves but his own life many even be exterminated as he encounters some of the deadliest and most outrageous, eccentric contract killers along the way. Pest Control the Musical will lead you on a wild chase, set to a rock musical score inspired by the styles of late 70’s and early 80’s rock with a dash of early hip hop.  The play ran during the spring and summer of 2008.  You can see all the songs on my YouTube channel:

For more information see  It’s not the page it used to be (namely the production company’s site for the musical) but it brings up a list of search results including some reviews, so if you’re interested, go for it.

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