“Fitzhugh’s satire isn’t subtle, but it’s hilarious – and dead on. In sending Rick [Shannon] up and down the Delta in search of Blind Buddy Cotton, Crippled Willie Jefferson, Crazy Earl Tate and the missing tape of their collaboration. . . Fitzhugh treats us to a tragicomic tour of regional black-and-blues history. Fitzhugh, born and reared in Mississippi, has a belly full of feeling for the songs and legends of his Southern musical heritage. But where he really shows his artistry is in his richly comic, warmly affectionate character studies of battered old men with long experience in living – not just playing – the blues.”

The New York Times

“Mississippi native Bill Fitzhugh has written some of the funniest mysteries on the shelves, turning his outrageous sense of humor to such topics as transplant surgery (Heart Seizure); the ad industry, the Catholic church, and insurance scams (Cross Dressing); country music (Fender Benders); and exterminators of all kinds (Pest Control). In Highway 61 Resurfaced he gets caught up in the blues. . . For all of his pointed satire and belly-laugh humor, Fitzhugh draws especially fine, sensitive portraits of the guys who lived the blues, not just played them.”

The Times-Picayune

“Bill Fitzhugh is a deeply disturbed individual who uses his talents to write very funny novels, the latest being Highway 61 Resurfaced. You will seriously dig this book if you like classic rock, southern blues, clever mysteries, and cats with loathsome sinus infections.”

Carl Hiaasen

“Highway 61 Resurfaced…finds Fitzhugh in classic form as he provides a solid mystery filled with the kinds of odd, colorful characters fans have come to expect from the author… He has an amazing knowledge of music and uses it to mix real history with fiction with great success… This is a fantastic read… I highly recommend both [Highway] 61 Resurfaced as well as its predecessor, Radio Activity.”

CrimeSpree Magazine

“Highway 61 Resurfaced not only continues Fitzhugh’s love affair with authentic classic rock, but also puts a shine on Delta Blues that would make Ace Atkins proud. Getting a peek inside the minds of the elderly Negro blues men is some of the finest character development the author has done to date.”

Jackson Free Press

“The two Rick Shannon books should be sold at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and could be used to teach about the classics of Rock. This is classic Fitzhugh, to complement the classic Rock ‘n’ Roll. Highly recommended.”

Deadly Pleasures Magazine

“Fans of Bill Fitzhugh can put away their handkerchiefs and quit singing the blues. Fitzhugh is back, and his new novel, Highway 61 Resurfaced, is every bit as much a page-turner as his first six books. Readers who rock ‘n’ rolled through Radio Activity will be delighted Fitzhugh has brought back the hero of that book, Rick Shannon, the rock DJ who sidestepped into a second career as a private investigator at the end of his last novel. Highway 61 Resurfaced will make you laugh – out loud and heartily. It may also leave you a bit misty-eyed, wistfully wishing Blind Buddy, Crippled Willie, and Crazy Earl were real people, and that you could hear them play together, just once.”

Biloxi Sun-Herald

“Fitzhugh’s talents are multiple and he uses his own experience as a radio personality, a sitcom writer, and a screenwriter as he builds his characters and plots.”

The Daily Mississippi

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